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Our telehandlers currently available for rent have different load capacities and working heights, are rotating or fixed according to customer needs.

Rotation is a great advantage because it means you can carry out various operations without having to move the machine.

They are ideally suited to construction and industrial applications and function efficiently also on uneven ground thanks to their 4 driving wheels and to their hydraulic stabilisers that make them easy to handle and very stable. 

We supply these machines with the following accessories: forks - hook - winch - basket - bucket.

Code: 13193
Year: 2020
License Plate: SI
Chassis: 777670
Hours: 0
Carrying Capacity: 40
Boom: 18 m

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Carrying Capacity: 50
Boom: 21 m

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Carrying Capacity: 50
Boom: 21 m

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Carrying Capacity: 38
Boom: 16 m

noleggio macchine movimento terra


We stand out for our ability to meet customer needs in an easy and fast way, offering advantageous solutions from a technical and economic perspective. Our machinery is constantyl updated, therefore you will be able to make the best choice for your needs.

vendita macchine movimento terra


We have a specialized workshop with means of transport of our property; furthermore, our Sales Dpt. will be glad to provide consultancy as regards technical aspects but also as for financing your purchases

trasporto macchine movimento terra


Exceptional transport (size and weight). We guarantee assistance regarding the choice of the means of transport, the moment of loading, the shortest route, the authorisations and technical escort if necessary. All this as fast as possible.